by Runaway Brother

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pressed to a split 12" LP with Secret Grief through Soft Speak Records.


released 28 August 2012

Runaway Brother is...
Jacob Lee - singing, guitars, synth, keys
Charlie Gunn - bass, backing vocals, guitar, keys, synth
Mike Pool - guitars, backing vocals
Ian Phillips - drums
Ian Lee - backing vocals, bass

Other Bedheads...
Art by Fuller Moehagen
All songs produced and mixed by Jacob DeVore Lee except "Jumpin The Gunn Neurotic" mixed by Jon Callender.
Mastered by Jon Callender.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Blueberries
We take what we get, we don't lean on ourselves. We've passed a thousand times, Ohio highway signs. I never am alone, I always have my phone. We said things we shouldn't have said, now we miss more. I need someone in my head. I need someone in my bed. We thought things we shouldn't have thought, now we sleep less. I need to keep in my head. I need to keep in my bed. I forgot I had memory, I forgot I had feelings, I forgot I have melody, I forgot I forgave you, I forgot I had memory, I forgot I had feelings.
Track Name: We Don't Have to Go Home Anymore
It's been so long since I came clean. You know what it's like, I'm sure. To unravel your past and let it go. Oh, I let her go. Do you take me seriously? We don't have to go home anymore. Ain't it so nice to be adults? But a tad short of 21. No, we won't be pushed back so far. No, it's beating inside of my heart. Foundation's a few steps away. No, I won't let myself stray. This is what I've been going for! I'm sure you've noticed by now; that I think we've got something to go off... I got off!
Track Name: Jumpin the Gunn Neurotic
It's those tiny things that get in my brain, seeping through my skull into my membrane. Whether she says "no," or if you're ready to go. What do I do? And when I'm all alone I always play it safe... I rarely leave my house, it's really sad. You see, i'd never call it home, but I'd paint it green. Representing nature, life, and growth; I'd have a house that I'd call my home. It'd be my own. What do you think of that?
You don't know how my judgment gets so insane. I never thought I'd stray
Track Name: My Friends
I write songs about my friends. I write them about them because we all are decent and distant in our own way. Sacrifice your vice; I won't go away. Tom rides a fixed gear bicycle, Brendan makes fun of him for it, and Rachel's afraid of commitment. Ethan's got a love of his own, Abigail's got bright and hopeful eyes. Luke, Max, and Jenna are holding.
I may not be the only one; so I follow you all night long.
My friends tell me they don't trust you; so I follow you all night long.
I'll follow you all night long.
Track Name: Lola
You trashy piece of trash! Do you think it bothers me!? Flaunt this new found age of maturity! It's all at it's finest… and do you think I'm rambling!? I'll boost your ego! Shout your words through a shout-box, and mark that man. Shout your words through a shout-box, and wear that tan. Lola, I see that you're moving. And Lola, I faked every movement. I've got my friends and my hands. What is this? I'm so low on the totem pole, what could have melded this? Shout your words through a shout-box, (Haha:-) you freakish mannequin... I'm so sick of these dramatics. Believe me, I'm not fanatic.
Track Name: Knowledge
You know I got my hopes up, and you just let them down like your hair. Like your thoughts: I'm always coming around. Don't screw with my brain. We're losing so much. What do you do to me? Why do you do to me? I won't let you go.
Track Name: Happy (Happy) New Year
Everything breathes with my soul. And this pain, it won't go. I'm feeling so confused, lost, and so abused. I'm running out of time and I'm never ever fine. When I go away to this place I only think of you. I daydream in the night because I sleep all day. Happy new year! Let's keep our spirits high! To the old year, thanks for keeping things light. I'll keep it up if I can count on things still changing. I promise I'll keep my mouth shut if things keep going my way.