by Runaway Brother




released 31 March 2015



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Track Name: Harvest
i grew fruit for you, i was inspired by the things you do
but so bruised and battered too
i’m sorry, i must’ve picked them too soon
you’re ensnared in a chasm so deep
never fleeing from their mistreats
you’ve only a wooden ladder and you’re burning it for heat and comfort
i grew fruit for you, they’re finally ripe, i know you want them too
sewn to reap; the blue moon looms
i’ve only 43 weeks till next june
but there’s a hole in my vision
it’s like a cigarette burn in a film strip
a whole in my vision
it’s like a cigarette burn
i was bored at a park of amusements
i was losing my sense of improvement
so i will rise above my pessimism
it’s ruining my life
Track Name: Moth
life’s looking up these days
i’ll find a way to make it all go away
your body: an apple, pear
love lockets
i am drawn to the flame
i know why it hurt so bad
i’d tend to your wounds you’re all i had
you’re my satellite, undeserving
i hope you’d want to stay
i need your honesty
just for the night your light could stay,
keep me warm with your affection
i think a lot about those things
i won’t tie control to your strings
they’re keeping you from me
they’re keeping you
i know that it makes you sad
i’m like this every damn day
when you wrap your legs around me
i’ll have nothing to say
look at the mess we make
Track Name: Hummingbird
a message from a friend:
don’t screw this up, she’s the one for you
you’re a presage for those around you
you can’t botch this one
this is your first call back
and the first day of the rest of your life
peel back the skin
lose yourself in bliss
there’s no love outside of you
twist, corrupt, and turn askew
you will see the angle
sometimes lost but not mangled
the hummingbird sings a song,
the rhythm so sweet
but our ears won’t ever listen
paired together by a sounding cadence
darling, don’t you fret
i’ve still got a thousand words
that can bring you back to life
they will bring you back to life
revelations, all laden with taxes
they’ll start from within
kill the thoughts that chagrin

o selfish me
o so it seems
trapped in a dream world of synthetic voices
i'll fight for you
Track Name: False Halo
i now have words for things i couldn’t express
and now i’m feeling the aftermath
you’re so cold and you’re turning
your shoulder on me,
it’s freezing
i won’t stay long, i swear
can i stay somewhere,
anywhere, i don’t care
i stopped going to parties
my shoulder’s now freezing
but my heart’s still pumping,
so we started smoking
you said, ‘you’ve got to stop calling me every night,
those spirits won’t calm but only haunt us’
i don’t care
so i teased you
and you, the coquette, created symmetry
that others lack with your body