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03:57 video


released March 31, 2015

Charles Gunn
Ian Lee
Jacob Lee
Ian Phillips
Michael Pool
additional vocals by Jessica Knight
mixed by Jon Callender
mastered by Dave @ Lucky Lacquers
artwork by mendez mendez


all rights reserved


Track Name: Harvest
i grew fruit for you
i was inspired by the things you do
but so bruised and battered too
i'm sorry i must have picked them too soon
you're ensnared in a chasm so deep
never fleeing from their mistreats
you have only a wooden ladder
and you're burning it for heat and comfort
i grew fruit for you
they're finally ripe i know you want them too
sewn to reap, the blue moon looms
i've only forty-three weeks till next june
but there's a hole in my vision
it's like a cigarette burn in a film strip
i was bored at a park of amusements
i was losing my sense of improvement
so i will rise above my pessimism
it's ruining my life
Track Name: Moth
life's looking up these days
i'll find a way to make it all go away
your body; an apple, pear, love lockets
i am drawn to the flame
i know why it hurt so bad
i'd tend to your wounds, you're all i had
you're my satellite, undeserving
i hope you'd want to stay
i need your honesty
just for the night your light could stay
keep me warm with your affection
i think a lot about those things
i won't tie control to your strings
they're keeping you from me
they're keeping you
i know that it makes you sad
i'm like this every damn day
when you wrap your legs around me
i'll have nothing to say
look at the mess we make
Track Name: Hummingbird
a message from a friend:
don’t screw this up, she’s the one for you
you’re a presage for those around you
you can’t botch this one
this is your first call back
and the first day of the rest of your life
peel back the skin
lose yourself in bliss
there’s no love outside of you
twist, corrupt, and turn askew
you will see the angle
sometimes lost but not mangled
the hummingbird sings a song,
the rhythm so sweet
but our ears won’t ever listen
paired together by a sounding cadence
darling, don’t you fret
i’ve still got a thousand words
that can bring you back to life
they will bring you back to life
revelations, all laden with taxes
they’ll start from within
kill the thoughts that chagrin
o, selfish me
o, so it seems
trapped in a dream world of synthetic voices
i’ll fight for you
Track Name: False Halo
i now have words for things i couldn’t express
and now i’m feeling the aftermath
you’re so cold and you’re turning
your shoulder on me,
it’s freezing
i won’t stay long, i swear
can i stay somewhere,
anywhere, i don’t care
i stopped going to parties
my shoulder’s now freezing
but my heart’s still pumping,
so we started smoking
you said, ‘you’ve got to stop calling me every night,
those spirits won’t calm but only haunt us’
i don’t care
so i teased you
and you, the coquette, created symmetry
that others lack with your body
Track Name: Catch
all my friends say i’m a catch
but I wonder if they caught on to me
because i’ve been dropped a few times
we’re in a boat with many holes but i
can swim and i don’t need a life vest,
thanks, i can preserve my own life
would we stay true, me and you?
i won’t succumb to you
i’ll stay the same as i found myself
you’re really good at making me feel bad about myself
but I won’t let that get to me
because i shouldn’t care
for lack of a better phrase, you suck
welcome to the bridge
you’ll stay on that side like i want you to
it’s sad, what i do
harboring hate for those that are like you
i won’t succumb to you
i’ll stay the same as i’ve always been
in spite of everything you do
hate for those that are like you
in spite of everything you do
hate for those that are like you
pay for everything you do
Track Name: Hold Me Down
with the sunrise brings the day and light
but i am the sunset
it’s time i awake to a brand new day
i won’t move to lay again
what made you think that i’d be laid to the ground so easily?
can i say, your eyes, they caught me
i stare so inconspicuously
your legs can balance with the sea
my words will only make you dream
your friends, they up and ate me
through titanic tummies i’m swimming
o my friends on quick-sinking sand:
quench your thirst with such demand
for things will get so hot and heavy
i’m always there for you, i’m ready
i take things one step further
it’s two steps back from you, you pester
and i know we’re better than this
i know we’re brighter than this
i know we’re bolder, smarter than this
when things got so much better
we seemed to fall even lower
you’re out on the town
you’re wearing your gown to cover your crown
don’t make a sound
and I’d like to see you try to hold me down
why don’t you hold me down?
hold me now
Track Name: Virgin Rock
you didn't, so don't tell me that you tried so hard
no, you didn't try at all
you're sorry you missed my call
i hate this new form of communication
only reason we conform is for fornication;
but isn't everything?
we all had something we were interested in
but we lost sight of it at the age of thirteen
when the puberty and pharmaceuticals set in
doctor, fix me
they didn’t, told me that they tried so hard
so i’m not good for you right now
you’ll look for my love next fall
you tell me off like i'm some sort of lover;
why, what do you take me for,
some sort of first-class whore?
you tried to sew me up, my stitches falling out
revealing spine i crave
i traced my blood; was leaking
Track Name: Makes You Happy
it's not your fault, it’s not my fault
it's not anybody's to take
we're not the same, it's just the pain
it's not anything we should make of it
it's not the time, it’s not the place
for anyone to take each other's names
it's just my life, it's not your life
what the hell do you care if i ache?
it makes you happy when i trip and fall
you'll just call me sappy
you've got no self-control
maybe i'll find a friend or two in these next few weeks
i swear you've lost a smile or two in these past few nights
sometimes i want, i need just to get away from you all
but now's not the time, not the place
i need you all here to lift me up
if it makes you happy i’ll remove my eyes
so that I’m always indifferent to the changes in my life
let's not talk now, it’s far too late
our faces morph and become estranged
i wake in the morning to remember my name
i've dreamt too much and i'm not the same
my red insatiable hunger
i’m starving my id
i hope it might make me feel new
i can’t do this for you
Track Name: Faking It
the time that i spend in a box with no sunshine
my emotions like a garden
roses, violets, and sunflowers
i will break apart the mold that i’ve gained such strength from
because i’m no longer comfortable
but i’d hate to see you all go
i’m trying to figure you out
i took a class on psychology
the answer’s been here all along
it should’ve been philosophy
i’ve learned so much but i know so little
i’m breaking apart the mold
i can’t take it anymore
i know that you don’t need me now
i know that you don’t care
but it takes a lot to just let go
so go on, get out of my hair
Track Name: Reprise
warping rooms and lame drunk teenagers,
in a past life you'd stay away
universities and institutions, they’re what took you away
mary, do you wanna prescribe me drugs?
mary, do you wanna lie down with me, love?
ingrained and never enough
it was so easy to laugh, now demented and skewed
you were always keeping track of what i never do
i just wanted a reason to fight all my feelings
do you want to believe in a life without meaning?
this is what you wanted
this is what we wanted
at younger years you were daunted
to satisfy your hunger
slide glass, touch, flaunt it
Track Name: Youniverse
for the record, i can sleep again without light, without noise
for the record, i bought a guitar, it plays so well and suits me
hey you,
can you hear me?
it's just the universe in me
all encompassing
for the record, beasts have been haunting my dreams
such vivid nightmares filled with despair
in all my effort, we’re living on a seeded street
bobbing through garbage cans.
they'll eat me
i can’t see you, don’t think i want to
the universe in me
the universe, it sees all encompassing
it’s all in my compass, see?
no regret, regrets not
they've tailored quite the shop for me
isotopes, fair equal space
the t.v. flickers forever in your place
circles, we fly in
circles, we fight in
i spilled my guts out for all to see now
dig all our graves up, what’s left to bleed out?
it’s not the end
stellar remnants blooming as if flowers in the sky
inspired you
believe in the constant, ever-changing
not that fundamental fraud
damaged you
i can’t sleep now, too many sheep to tend to
and i’ve counted every one
amorous you
every thing and every one i have loved,
you are a part of this song

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